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29 September 2019

Cooking On Screen - Part I: Court Kitchen - Day 1 - photos

The first workshops as part of the project "Cooking on the screen - Krakow is the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture" is behind us. The project promotes Krakow's cuisine in its two varieties - courtly and bourgeois. Dishes representing both varieties are prepared first in the kitchen and then as an animated recipe.

On Saturday, under the supervision of Damian Wajda, thirteen young workshop participants cooked dishes from court cuisine: pheasant broth, roast goose with apples and various variations of the mazurka. It turned out delicious! Well done to our workshop participants.

We would like to thank the restaurant Na Pole for lending us a friendly space to carry out the task and Mr. Damian and his cooks for professionally guiding young people through this complicated process.

Project co-financed by the City of Krakow.









































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