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03 October 2022

Workshop - Movement: Figuration. Animation

The last animation in the MOVEMENT workshop series has been refined, edited and provided with sound.

Animation title: FIGURATION

This time, the participants really went crazy and used a whole range of different works in their films:
- Tadeusz Makowski "Two young friends"
- Natalia LL "Birds of Freedom"
- Jan Pamuła "Multi-element system x"
- Rafał Bujnowski "Airplane"
- Hanna Rudzka-cybisowa "Portrait of Helena Blum"
- Jan Stanisławski "Cloud over the Dnieper"
- Jan Stanislavski "Sunflowers"
- Alfons Karpiński "Jane with a Japanese doll"
- Tymon Niesiołowski "In the Bath"
- Ryszard Woźniak "Let's talk"
- Olga Boznańska "Girl with Chrysanthemums"

Conducting workshops: Daria Godyń and Anka Skoczeń Sound engineer: Piotr Michał Madej

We would like to thank the Animated Film Studio for making the space available!

The project was co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as part of the program of the National Center for Culture Culture - Interventions. 2022 edition.

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