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23 July 2020

ANIMA_LS - we invite you to Animation Workshops

09-13.08 2020 Krakow

Organizer: Foundation for the Promotion of Artistic, Film and Audiovisual Culture Etiuda&Anima

Workshops conducted by Daria Rzepiela, PhD

Collaboration: Tomasz Wełna, PhD

The project aims to draw attention to the extraordinary architecture of Krakow and its subtle elements. On many older and modernist tenement houses in Krakow, e.g. at Karmelicka 35, Urzędnicza 37, 55, 57, Chopina 8, Karmelicka 35, 58, Garncarska 21, Józefa Sarego 17, Retoryka 1, 9, over the entrance to the building there are sculptures or emblems of animals (eagle, black grouse, deer, rabbit, peacock, owls, catfish, crows, dragon, esculap, pegasus, Chinese dragon, spider). Participants of the workshops can "move" them to a completely different place ... A detailed plan of the workshops is below.

  • We invite people from the age of 16 to participate.
  • Registration at:  - the number of places is limited!
  • Wstęp wolny

Workshop program

  1. Introduction

EnterWhat we do: we learn the basics of animation and look for inspiration in the decorations of facades of Krakow's tenement houses.
Where? Pracownia OKO pl. Matejki 10/1 in Krakow, a walk around the center of Krakow 
When? 12.00-15.00 09.08 2020

  1. Brainstorm 

What we do: we develop scripts and designs for animated characters modeled on sculptures and emblems of Krakow's tenement houses 
Where? Pracownia OKO pl. Matejki 10/1 in Krakow.
When? 12.00-15.00 10.08 2020

  1. We animate!

What we do: using the stop-motion animation technique, we animate prepared characters, create sound effects and combine the whole thing into a film, which will be shown as part of the 27th Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival
Where? Academy of Fine Arts ul. Karmelicka 16 in Krakow
When? 12.00-15.00 11-13.08 2020

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