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Polish School of Animation – This project was initiated on the occasion of the Polish Presidency of 2011 and has been very popular all over the world ever since. For seven years, we have presented it during animation and short film festivals in 30 countries, including: Germany, China, Japan, Bulgaria, Portugal, Estonia, Brazil, Mexico, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Korea, Sweden and Ukraine.

Betina Bożek, born 1993, a graduate of animation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, active graphic designer, painter, photographer, artistic animator and craftswoman. Winner of internatonal competitions and film festivals


Oh, God! | 2017

Natalia Krawczuk – a graduate of ethnology and cultural anthropology at the University of Warsaw, currently a student of animation in Lodz Film School. Author of Ping Pong, Captain, Fences and the award-winning Schroedinger’s Dog.

Schroedinger’s Dog | 2016

Marta Pajek, born 1982 – graduated from the Animated Film Studioin the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She is an author of animation, video art and fine arts. She was supervised by J. Kucia and Priit Pärn. She belongs to the group of the most promising young artists of Polish animation what her success during international festivals confirmed.

III | 2018

Karolina Specht, born in 1991, a graduate of animation at the department of Photography & Television Production of Lodz Film School. Director, animator and graphic designer. Apart from award-winning The Incredibly Elastic Man, she also made animations: Don’t lose your head (2015), Beside Oneself (2016), Squaring the Circle (2018).

The Incredibly Elastic Man | 2013

Squaring the Circle | 2018

Paulina Ziółkowska, born in 1988 – she studied art history at the University of Wrocław and graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, she is currently a student of animation in Lodz Film School. Her professional film Oh Mother! was awarded numerous prizes at festivals in Poland and abroad.

Oh Mother! | 2017

Bless You! | 2018

Family Mechanisms

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